Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Foundation

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The Kentucky-Tennessee District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. was founded in March of 1982 as a not-for-profit, non-political, state recognized corporation. The founders felt that Kiwanians, Kiwanis Clubs, and others should have the availability of an organization to which tax-deductible charitable contributions could be made for the benefit of the purposes in which Kiwanians believe. The Foundation’s Kentucky Certificate of Incorporation states that: “The purposes for which the corporation is to be formed are scientific, educational, and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501c3 of the IRS code 1954 and in this connection, promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community, to raise the standards of home life, to instill and inculcate the objects of Kiwanis International.” The founders then listed the six objectives of Kiwanis International as the guidelines for the operation of the new foundation.

The foundation continues on the course set by the founders. The fund, which started with an initial funding of $700.00 now manages assets of nearly one million dollars. The Foundation hopes to see the fund increase to more than one million dollars in the next decade.  Please use the donor/supporter page provided for your donation.


Services Provided:

The Foundation offers Scholarships to deserving high school and college students. Recipients must be either the child or grandchild of a member in good standing of a Kiwanis Club in the K-T District. 

The Foundation also provides scholarships to Key Club and Circle K students as determined by the District Administrators of these sponsored youth organizations. The Foundation awards one matching scholarship each to a Key Club member and a Circle K member; matching funds are provided by the Kiwanis International Foundation. Information concerning these scholarships can be received by contacting the respective Sponsored Youth Administrators.

Matching funds for club projects dealing with the Trykes  are also available from the District Foundation. This is a through the Bo’s Buccaneers.

Member Participation:

All members of the K-T Kiwanis District are members of the District Foundation. The only source of funding for the Foundation is through the generosity of the K-T Kiwanis members, Kiwanis clubs, and other interested persons/corporations. Each year the Foundation makes an appeal to all Kiwanis Clubs to consider a club gift to the foundation. Gifts ranging from $2.00 per member to more than $10.00 per member are common. With 100% participation by the clubs in the K-T District the Foundation would be able to award up to five matching scholarships each to Key Club members and Circle K members. This appeal is made in the spring and summer so as to culminate at the annual district convention in late summer.

The Foundation is the recipient of memorial gifts from clubs and individuals in recognition of the service to Kiwanis of deceased members. The memorial tributes are welcomed by the Foundation and acknowledgments will be provided to families when appropriate.

The Ted Osborn Fellowship has been created to honor Past Kiwanis International President Ted Osborn.  Contributions to the Foundation’s endowment in amounts of $1000 or more entitle the donor to membership.  An attractive wall plaque, a medallion depicting the likeness of the honoree with a brightly colored neck-ribbon, and a distinctive Kiwanis lapel pin are presented to members of K-T Kiwanis District Foundation the Osborn Fellowship.  All donors’ names will be included in an album which will be displayed at district meetings.

The Bo Shafer Fellowship – Bo’s Buccaneers has been created to honor Past International President Bo Shafer.  Contributions in amounts of $1000 or more entitle donor to membership, a medallion depicting the likeness of the honoree with a brightly colored neck-ribbon and a very distinctive lapel pin.  All donors’ names will be included in an album which will be displayed at district meetings.

Kiwanians are encouraged to include the Foundation in their charitable giving each year. Specific opportunities are offered to members at the K-T Kiwanis District Convention. In addition, proceeds from the sale of Kiwanis merchandise, arts and crafts, and auction items benefit the Foundation.

Foundation Supporter Application

Kentucky-Tennessee District Kiwanis Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation organized in 1982 by district leaders who saw the need for a foundation to undertake a major program to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of the entire Kentucky-Tennessee District Family.

Circle K and John Mayfield Scholarship Application

John Mayfield Scholarship donor form

Grant application information and application (due January 1 each year)

Scholarship Application

AMTRYKE Grant Application

One of the current K-T Kiwanis District projects is the Ambucs/Amtryke program. T

Division Lieutenant Governors need to encourage clubs to participate in this District project. Clubs may either choose to award an Amtryke individually, or in partnership with other clubs, or collectively with all clubs in a Division.

Funding sources may include:
NOTE: The K-T Foundation will only distribute funds to another 501 c (3) organization from which the funds can be managed and controlled. Therefore, if your club does not have a 501 c (3) Foundation, you will need to partner with another organization that has a 501 c (3) designation. (e.g., another Kiwanis club with a Foundation, United Way, Good Samaritan Center, etc.)

To learn about Amtryke go to To learn about the process of identifying a recipient, ordering, and assembling an Amtryke go to

Should you have questions and/or need assistance to get started, contact an Ambucs chapter listed below. It is also recommended that you purchase Amtykes through an Ambucs chapter for the best price.
Ambucs Chapter Contacts:

Ashley Schilling Nashville, TN email 314-732-5447
Mathew Davis Bowling Green, KY email270-217-2815
Bob Mills Grand Rapids. MI email 616-340-5735
Joyce Peet Lexington, KY email937-901-9526